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Microgreens are smaller, more
nutrient-dense versions of their
larger full grown counterparts. Compared to traditional vegetables, microgreens have been researched and proven to contain 4 to 40 times the nutritional density when used in 
the same quantity.

Flavors are vibrant, as the full size vegetable flavor is compacted and intensified in this bite-size format.

Not to be confused with sprouts, microgreens are a smarter, healthier, affordable alternative to industrialized agriculture. In a world with a rapidly declining source of fertile, unadulterated land, we see these greens as an answer to the future of sustainable food production.

Your Ticket to Nutritional Wellness

Microgreens make it easy to boost nutrient intake because of their size and nutritional density. Small amounts added to your diet can reap large benefits.

Fiber is bountiful in most microgreens varieties and can lead to improved digestive health, lower cholesterol levels, and easier weight management by feeling full more quickly.
Various beneficial vitamins are found among our plant varieties.

Pairs Well with Any Dish

Microgreens as a topping add a fresh, attractive finishing touch to any dish. Spicy greens, such as wasabi and radish, inject a flavorful kick that is sure to be remembered. Colors pop with vibrant hues of purple, pink, green, and blue.

While there is no doubt that microgreens work well as a garnish, they also add a larger amount of flavor and nutrition when substituted for traditional vegetables as a main ingredient.

Unique crunchy textures can be achieved when adding uncooked microgreens to a dish.

No Chemicals or Adulterants

Compared to common outdoor farming techniques, pesticides and commercial fertilizers are unnecessary for adequate production. Accelerated growth and turnaround times do not allow harmful pests and environmental factors to affect the health of our plants.

Our process is free of any added chemicals or environmental runoff. We simply utilize a biodegradable growing medium, a low concentration hydroponic nutrient mix, and water to create the safest, healthiest greens.


Indoor farming utilizes 90% less water than traditional outdoor methods. Our greens are grown using a hydroponic process and our custom manufactured horticultural LED lighting.

Developing our own automation and software systems increases efficiency, lowers production costs, and allows us to deliver the highest quality.

Our advancements in hydroponic growth means savings for our customers and advances our mission: to create sustainable nutrient-dense foods that are affordable and accessible to those who need them most.