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Spicy Mix Microgreens


A variety of greens with vibrant notes of nutty, spicy, tangy flavors to entice your taste buds.

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Experience a fresh blend of some of our favorite Microgreens varieties - that delivers a punch! This "spicy" mix delivers heat with a combination of Arugula and Southern Giant Mustard, matched with Broccoli, Cabbage, Kale, and Kohlrabi. The variety of colors make a visually appealing addition to any dish.

Recommended Use:

Sprinkle microgreens on any of your favorite dishes to add a flavorful kick and extra nutrition. This mix tastes fantastic on its own, or as a topping to a salad or sandwich. Flavor is subdued when paired with acidic fruits and vegetables.

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Weight 2 oz

1oz., 2oz., 4oz.

Microgreens are small, nutrient packed sprouted greens that are much smaller than their full size counterparts.

They contain the flavor and nutrients of the full size vegetables, but allow you to consume them more easily.